Beavis' Treasure Trails Log

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Beavis' Treasure Trails Log

Post by Beavis on Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:52 pm


  1. Staff of air
    Leather body
    Yew shortbow
    Guthix robe top


  1. Purple Sweets x 20
    Rune chainbody
    Maple shieldbow
    Zamorak page 4
    Rune longsword
    Guthix arrows x 35
    Rune pickaxe
    Saradomin vambraces

  2. Purple sweets x 17
    Guthix coif
    Rune 2h sword
    Rune platebody
    Ancient page 3
    Rune warhammer
    Rune helm
    Guthix arrows x16

  3. Guthix page 1
    Rune dagger
    Rune crossbow
    Emerald amulet
    Mahogany plank x 175
    Zamorak page 1
    Lobster Neutral
    Dragonhide Chaps (g)

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